How To Draw Six Easy, Yet Beautiful, Flowers For Bible Journaling

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Whether you are an ol’ pro at Bible Journaling or brand new to the practice, learning how to draw Bible journaling flowers is a great way to add simple beauty to your pages. 

Once you master them, you can use them on cards, personalized notepaper, pages in your War Binder or anywhere!

In this post, I’ll share how to draw six easy (and so pretty!) flowers for Bible journaling.

All you need is a pencil with an eraser and something to color the flowers with. For this post, I used a mechanical pencil, Fude Ball Pen and Stampin’ Blends. (Check out this post on the best pens and markers for Bible Journaling).

Ready to learn how to draw flowers for Bible Journaling? Let’s go!

How to Draw a Sunflower

Sunflowers are such cheery and popular flowers and are great flowers for Bible journaling as they are so easy to draw.

Start by drawing one small circle and then a larger circle around it (it’s best to draw lightly as the outer line will be erased later. I drew them darker so they were easier to see in the photos).

Sunflowers flowers for Bible Journaling

Add a line for a stem and leaves.

Go around the circle and draw thin hearts completely around it. (the “point” or bottom of the heart should touch the outside circle).

sunflower - flowers for Bible journaling 1

Fill in the spaces between the hearts with “Vs”.

sunflower - flowers for Bible journaling 1

Add lines across the center circle, turn page and add lines the other direction, making a hatch mark pattern. Then add lines for detail to the leaves.

sunflower - flowers for Bible journaling 1

Color the flower and add details with pen.

sunflower - flowers for Bible journaling 1

A beautiful sunflower! Aren’t these great flowers for Bible journaling?

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How to Draw a Tulip

Tulips are one of my favorite flowers for Bible journaling and to receive! They are super simple to draw.

Start by drawing a circle and a curved line for a stem.

tulip - flowers for Bible journaling 1

Using the circle as a guide, draw two overlapping petals then one V shaped petal in between.

tulip - flowers for Bible journaling 2

Add the base of the flower under the bulb, flesh out the stem and add leaves.

Color your flower.

tulip - flowers for Bible journaling

Add details. Since I was coloring with Stampin’ Blends, an alcohol based marker, I used a color lifter to remove some color where I wanted to show light or highlights.

tulip - flowers for Bible journaling

Here is a tulip on a Bible page that I’ve started.

tulip - flowers for Bible journaling on a Bible page

How to Draw a Daisy

Start by drawing two circle as you did when drawing the sunflower. One small circle and one larger circle around it (it should look like a CD or a donut).

daisy- flowers for Bible journaling

Add petals by drawing one petal then drawing another one directly opposite from it. Continue adding pairs of petals around the circles.

Fill in the blank spaces with petals.

daisy- flowers for Bible journaling 1

Color your beautiful daisy!

daisy- flowers for Bible journaling 2




How to Draw a Spiral Flower

This flower for Bible journaling is soooooooooo easy! Draw a spiral (it can even be messy!) and add leaves. Then color. That’s all there is to it!


How to Draw a Dandelion

Dandelions may even be easier than a spiral as flowers for Bible journaling. So delicate, yet so pretty.

Start by drawing a line with a “V” at the end. Draw these completely around the center in varying heights then add leaves.

dandelions- flowers for Bible journaling

dandelions- flowers for Bible journaling done



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How to Draw a Carnation

Well, to be honest, I don’t know if this one is actually a carnation, but I’m calling it that, anyway 🙂 Start by drawing an “ear-like” shape. Continue adding this shape overlapping the shapes and adding as many as you like until you get to the desired size of flower. When I do this one, I color a sloppy circle first, then draw the flower details over it in black as show in the Bible journaling page below.

carnations- flowers for Bible journaling
carnations- flowers for Bible journaling 2

Finish by adding details like leaves, stems and berries, if you choose.

carnations - flowers for Bible journaling


carnations- flowers for Bible journaling on a Bible page


Some more flowers for Bible Journaling

Here are some more flowers for Bible journaling that are quite easy. Heart flowers (as you can see in the picture below, they are simply hearts with stems and leaves!) and “splotch” flowers. To create splotch flowers, just add a splotch of watercolor paint and add flower details over it.

You can have so much fun with flowers for Bible journaling! They can be used on pages about flowers or, really any page that you want to highlight.

heart flowers for Bible journaling


splotch flowers for Bible journaling


Bible Verses about Flowers

Here are some great Bible verses about flowers that are great for Bible journaling and reflecting on His Word. (click the photo to download a PDF or pin on Pinterest to find later).

Bible Verses About Flowers

Which of the flowers for Bible journaling are you going to try the next time you create a Bible journaling page?

What other flowers or objects would you like to see tutorials on?

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For a great book on how to draw easy flowers, check this one out. It’s one of my favorites!

Prefer to draw fruit? 🙂  I’ve written an extensive post on how to draw fruit in your Bible journaling.

I’d love to hear from you and see your Bible journaling pages.

Because of Him,


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She lives in rural North Central Missouri with her handsome and hilarious husband and a myriad of dogs, cats and chickens.

Susan runs on Jesus, coffee and not enough sleep.

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