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Bible Symbolism

Wine in the Bible: Symbolism and Uses in Scripture

An image of a wine glass with a pink filter and text that says Wine in the Bible: Its Symbolism and Uses

In biblical times, water was often scarce, so wine became a necessity, rather than a luxury. It was equated with life. (For other food symbolism in the Bible, see these posts:  Milk in the Bible and Bread in the Bible)   Wine, along with grain and oil represented Gods covenant blessings promised to Israel for […]

Milk in the Bible – Food and Symbolism in Scripture

A little boy drinking milk with a milk moustache and a text overlay that says Milk in the Bible - Food and Symbolism

 Continuing our series on the significance and symbolism of food in the Bible, let’s turn our focus to milk (you can find Bread in the Bible in this post).   Milk in the Bible Most of us are familiar with Bible verses that include “the land of milk and honey”, but did you know that […]

The Intriguing Significance Of The Color Blue In The Bible

An image of a white orchard on a blue background with a text overlay that says 'The Intriguing Significance of the Color Blue in the Bible'

As we are continue our series on color symbolism in the Bible, today, we will focus on the color blue in the Bible. Although we explored the significance of color, briefly, in the first post of this series, Red in the Bible, for our new visitors, we’ll do a quick recap before jumping into to […]

The Incredible Symbolism Of The Color Green In The Bible

green in the Bible featured

  Colors in the Bible have such rich symbolism. Over the past year, we’ve been examining the colors in the Bible (Red, Blue, Yellow, red, white and black) and today, we’ll park on green and take a good look at the color green in the Bible. (For an overview of colors in the Bible, see […]