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16 Gorgeous Christian Songs About Bible Verses to Help You Memorize Scripture

Christian Songs About Bible Verses to Help You Memorize Scripture - A collage of images with headphones in light pink and blue

Music is a common theme in the Bible. Most music in biblical times included scripture in the Words (or, later became scripture). We find many hymns with scripture. Thankfully, there are dozens (maybe hundreds) of Christian songs about Bible verses. Christian Songs About Bible Verses   The Psalms are filled with music of praise and […]

8 Female Prophets Of The Bible And Their Powerful Impact

A beautiful woman in a blue veil and a text overlay that reads 8 Female Prophets of the Bible and their Powerful Impact

Where there female prophets of the Bible? Yes! There certainly were! There are at least seven (maybe eight – but we’ll get to that in a minute). Not including, of course, false prophets. First, however, let’s examine what a prophet is, biblically.   Prophets Of the Bible Often when people think of prophets, they think […]

Dozens of Inspiring Christian YouTube Channels You’ll Want to Check Out

Christian YouTube - An image of a man and woman doing a YouTube video

Christian Youtube Channels are growing in popularity and I’ve got a great list for you to check out!   Recently, I shared a list of magazines for the Christian women. I love reading magazines when I can just sit and relax (not that it happens often!), but sometimes you need a boost of encouragement, but […]

Rachel in the Bible: Lessons From a Love Story

Rachel in the Bible - A beautiful woman behind a blue veil with "Then God Remembered Rachel" written in text

What can we learn from Rachel in the Bible? Oh, so much, my friend!   Before we look at the lessons from Rachel in the Bible (and some interesting facts about her), let’s recap who she was and her story.   (For more in the series of women in the Bible, see this post)   […]