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8 Women of The Bible: Unintentional Mentors

Women of the Bible

Oh, the women of the Bible! We have scoundrels and harlots. We have unwed mothers and barren women. We have widows and career women. And, throughout each story, we have so much we can learn and apply to our lives today.   The stories may change. The settings may change. But, the promises of God […]

Who Is The Holy Spirit And 17 Things He Does For Us

One of the most often questions asked and one of the most difficult concepts to understand in the Christian faith is “Who is the Holy Spirit”?   Although I became a believer many years ago, this is one area that, to be quite frank, confused me. I understood (as much as a mere human could) […]

Elizabeth in the Bible: 8 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Her Story

Elizabeth in the Bible

The story of Elizabeth in the Bible is often overlooked as it occurs parallel with Mary’s as she learns she is pregnant with the Lord and Savior, but there’s so much richness to this story. In addition, there are quite a few lessons that we can learn from Elizabeth.     Before we look at […]

Complete Guide To War Room Strategy And Effective Prayer

war room prayer strategy

Having a War Room was a phenomenon that occurred based on the movie War Room by the Kendrick Brothers. Since most of us don’t have a room (or even closet) to dedicate as a war room, the practice of a war binder was birthed. If you have either of these, you may have wondered if […]