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The Ultimate List of Guest Room Essentials PLUS How to Put Together a Guest Room Basket

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It is important to create a guest room that is welcoming and comfortable for visitors, so making sure the guest room essentials are ready is key. Guest rooms should have a variety of items to accommodate any guest’s needs, from toiletries, towels and reading material to snacks and drinks.

You don’t need a big, fancy home or elaborately decorated room to have guests. All you need is a bed and, if you can, a nightstand and a lamp. Below, I’ll share some additional ideas and guest room essentials. Biblical hospitality is easier than you might think.

image of guest bedroom with towels hanging on a towel rack at the foot of the bed with text overlay Ultimate List of Guest Room Essentials and How to Put Together a Guest Room Basket

Good Guest Room Essential Items

Guest needs may vary but this guide can help you get started! Guest rooms are inviting places where people feel comfortable, no matter how long they stay. Having your guest’s comfort in mind, guest rooms should have supplies that can accommodate guests staying from just one overnight or weeks at a time. 

Guests will feel welcome and comfortable in your guest room if they have plenty of essentials around them so they can relax without worrying about what they left behind or anything they may need, like a towel.

Guest room products, such as soap baskets for guest bathrooms, guest slippers placed by the bedside and guest robes hung on an available hook will make your guests feel welcome and appreciated.

Consider a Guest Room Basket

It’s a good idea to put all your guest room essentials into one basket or storage container on a nightstand or dresser in the room. This will make it easy for your guests to find what they need within seconds of entering their temporary home away from home. 

If you have a guest who is staying for several days, consider asking them what guest room essentials they would need. Sometimes people forget something at home, so it’s convenient to add a guest room basket for both your guests and you.

Guest Room Basket Essentials

  • toilet paper
  • soap 
  • shampoo and conditioner 
  • hand soap 
  • lotion 
  • lip balms
  • hand cream
  • tissues
  • coffee or tea bags
  • snacks
  • tv guides and movies
  • reading materials like magazines or books
  • reusable water bottle to the guest room basket, as well. Or, a couple of bottles of water.

Have Extra Towels Available

Guests will usually use the guest bedroom towel to dry off from their shower or swimming pool adventures, so it’s key to have plenty of fresh towels in the guest room. 

Having at least one extra set of clean guest room essentials ready ensures that they don’t run out of clean towels and may be able to wait until you can wash theirs. 

Consider placing an easy-to-spot laundry hamper just outside the bathroom door to make it convenient for your guest to use.

image of folded towels on bed; Ultimate List of Guest Room Essentials and How to Put Together a Guest Room Basket

Guest Room Basket Samples

You can consider purchasing a basket of toiletries such as one below from Amazon (links to posting) or put your own together.

We love these baskets for putting together your guest room essentials.

Guest Room Ideas

This is our guest room. I love the color scheme of greys and yellows. To me, it is warm and welcoming. The night stand on the left has a lamp and a small decor board. In addition to a guest room basket, the nightstand on the right (not shown) has a box of tissues and a Bible, along with a notepad and pen and a card with the Wi-Fi password.

image of guest bedroom idea with wall decal

Over the bed, is a wall decal that says “God’s Promises are new every morning”, taken from Lamentations 3:22-23.

The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases
his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning;
great is your faithfulness. –

Lamentations 3:22-23

The room also has a tv in it with a remote and a program guide as well as a small stack of books and magazines. There is a closet in there that I mostly use for storage, but it has hangers and a shelf for guest’s clothing, as well.

No one likes to live out of a suitcase, so having room to unpack in is a nice gesture.

Toiletries and Other Comforts

You may also want to consider having some toiletries on hand. We’ve had guests unexpectedly stay the night and these toiletries made them feel at home. We keep a basket in the guest/main bathroom with a small pack of tissues, a toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, unopened bar of soap, small bottles of shampoo and conditioner and hand/body lotion. In the same closet, is a container with Tylenol, cold medicine, a small first aid kit and a small sewing kit. 

Of course, there is extra toilet paper and a plunger – nothing is more embarrassing than clogging up someone’s toilet and having to go tell them you did it!

The key to a welcoming guest room is providing the comforts they may need during their stay (so they don’t have to ask you every time they need something – most times they will do without, rather than asking!)

Food and Snacks

Several times, friends have shared that they don’t have guests over because they don’t cook fancy meals or can’t afford to buy expensive proteins. PLEASE don’t let this stop you. Your guest will be fine with whatever you are eating for dinner. You don’t need to make anything special! Trust me on this!

If they aren’t eating a meal with you, you may still wish to consider providing some snacks and drinks in case they get the munchies.

While we always offer our guests the “run” of the pantry or fridge, few will take us up on that. In case they feel awkward doing that, I keep a basket on hand and will add items such as granola bars, small chocolates, crackers and a bottle or two of water. I’ll keep this on the kitchen counter for easy access. It’s easy to put away the next day and ready for the next guest.

How are you practicing biblical hospitality? Do you often have guests stay the night in your home? What little touches do you have ready to make them feel comfortable? Do you have a welcoming guest room?

We’d love to see it and hear from you. 

Looking for ideas for how to create the perfect guest bedroom? You’ll love this video!

ESV – “Scripture quotations are from The ESV® Bible (The Holy Bible, English Standard Version®), copyright © 2001 by Crossway, a publishing ministry of Good News Publishers. Used by permission. All rights reserved.”

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