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5 Reasons Why Jochebed is the Smartest Woman in the Bible

We all must admit. Mothers are some of the most intelligent people on the planet! There’s nothing we can do, think, and feel that our mother’s can fail to notice! Just imagine. How could a person be at one place and yet accomplish too much? Ask a mother! How could somebody know what you’ve done,

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Mount Nebo; Hebrews 4:2

4 Ways to Invite God Into Your Personal Finances

There are over 2,300 Bible verses on money, wealth, and possessions, yet many Christians aren’t aware of exactly what God has to say about personal finances. In fact, most of us tend to leave God out of our money decisions.  It is easy to trust God with the “good” stuff, or the “little” things. But

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mom and son reading; Christian moms

5 Important Things Christian Moms Need To Understand

God created women to do such amazing things. We are strong, we are smart, we are wise and we are kind and considerate. God gave us the ability to be able to have children growing inside of us, and for us to have the strength to give birth and feed our children with the nutrients

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