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Trusting God in the Wilderness

An image of a woman walking through the woods with a text overlay that reads "Trusting God in the Wilderness"

  Trusting God in the Wilderness Have you ever been on a journey to the promised land? Think about what it’s like. God spoke something to you, told you to go, and you stepped out in faith trusting Him to get you there. What did you think would happen next?   I’ve been on a […]

The Tribe of Simeon: History, Territory & 4 Lessons We can Learn

An image of the Israeli desert with a text overlay that reads "The Tribe of Simeon - History, Territory and 4 Lessons

Continuing ourt series on the 12 Tribes of Israel, we turn our focus to the second son of Jacob by Leah, Simeon. (See this post for the Tribe of Reuben in the Bible).   “His name come from the Hebrew word shaama, which means “hear”.     “She conceived again, and when she gave birth to […]

Add Fasting and Prayer for Marriage Blessing

An image of pink alarm clock with a fork and knife as the hands against a light blue background and a text overlay that reads Fasting and Prayer for Marriage Blessings

How do you respond when marriage is hard? Marriage is unlike any other relationship in that you live every moment of life together. Whether you are one flesh or not, that can lead to difficult seasons from time to time. Over the years, as Bud and I have walked through financial struggles, loss of loved […]

Milk in the Bible – Food and Symbolism in Scripture

A little boy drinking milk with a milk moustache and a text overlay that says Milk in the Bible - Food and Symbolism

 Continuing our series on the significance and symbolism of food in the Bible, let’s turn our focus to milk (you can find Bread in the Bible in this post).   Milk in the Bible Most of us are familiar with Bible verses that include “the land of milk and honey”, but did you know that […]

Free Bible Journaling Resources

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  Free Bible Journaling Resources! What’s better than free? Whether you are new to Bible journaling or are a seasoned pro, you will love this list of free Bible journaling resources.     I’ve included free Bible journaling courses, printables and other resources. Each of the sites have different styles and methods of teaching so […]