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Spiritual Growth

One of my absolute favorite things to do in the world is to study God’s Word. As a Christian, spiritual growth should be something we strive for each day. I love studying the rich symbolism in the Bible (see the sections below on Food in the Bible, Colors in the Bible, and general symbolism in

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Who Is The Holy Spirit And 17 Things He Does For Us

One of the most often questions asked and one of the most difficult concepts to understand in the Christian faith is “Who is the Holy Spirit”?   Although I became a believer many years ago, this is one area that, to be quite frank, confused me. I understood (as much as a mere human could)

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Complete Guide To War Room Strategy And Effective Prayer

Having a War Room was a phenomenon that occurred based on the movie War Room by the Kendrick Brothers. Since most of us don’t have a room (or even closet) to dedicate as a war room, the practice of a war binder was birthed. If you have either of these, you may have wondered if

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Jehovah Nissi The Lord is My Banner

Jehovah Nissi, The Lord is my Banner

Jehovah Nissi, The Lord is my Banner The next in our series of the names of God, Jehovah Nissi, meaning as The Lord is my Banner, is not one commonly used today, but it is so powerful. If you haven’t heard this name of God before or wonder what Jehovah Nissi means, I want us to

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My FAVORITE Christian Journals and Planners

Paper Sunday planners and journals