7 Day Gratitude Challenge to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude

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The Gratitude Challenge is here! 

A collage of images of love and gratitude - the Gratitude Challenge


The Gratitude Challenge has been on my mind and heart since God directed me to choose “gratitude” as my word for 2018. I still focus on this word as cancer and other life challenges have forced me to remember all that I have and I need to show God thankfulness.


As I have been focusing on and praying about cultivating my own heart of gratitude, I felt increasingly pulled toward sharing this journey with my readers.


After much prayer and lots of biblical research and study, I have created this gratitude challenge for you.


You can join in at any time and will receive the content via email.


How the Gratitude Challenge Works

Upon joining, you’ll receive a welcome email explaining the challenge and how it works. you will receive one email per day, for eight days,  which will include:


  • A Bible verse focused on gratitude
  • A short explanation of how this verse applies to you and cultivating a heart of gratitude
  • A reminder to write down three things you are grateful for that day
  • Three mini-challenges or exercises to help you focus on thankfulness
  • A worship song with a focus on gratitude



On day eight, you will receive an email with some more gratitude resources including a coloring page, printable scripture cards and a printable poster.


Please share this challenge with your friends and family or anyone who you feel would like to draw closer to God while cultivating a grateful heart.


You can register by clicking the box below.

An image of a white heart on a turquoise background and text that says Yes I am Ready to Cultivate a Heart of Gratitude


I’m so excited to take this journey of gratitude with you, my friend!


Because of Him,




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Susan is a writer, speaker and the creator of Women of Noble Character ministries. She is passionate about helping Christian women deepen their walk with God through Bible study and creative worship and strengthen their marriages.

She lives in rural North Central Missouri with her handsome and hilarious husband and a myriad of dogs, cats and chickens.

Susan runs on Jesus, coffee and not enough sleep.

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