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Galatians Bible Study: Law, Faith, Freedom, Holy Spirit

Galatians Bible Study

My soul, my heart, longs for Jesus. I want to know Him.

I want to bathe in His Word and feel His love through the pages of the Holy Bible.

The best way to know Him is through the Word of God.

The Book of Galatians

The study of the Book of Galatians is an amazing book that will refresh you and remind you of the sacrifice that Jesus made for you.

If you aren’t too familiar with the Book of Galatians, here’s a quick overview:

Paul is downright mad.

A false teacher has convinced the churches in Galatia to follow the Jewish Law. He is teaching that the way to salvation is through the Law of Moses, and not through Christ. Wait! What? This is the exact opposite of what Paul had taught the churches in this region. So, Paul decides to write a letter to remind them of the only way to salvation – through Christ.

Paul didn’t write the letter because he wanted to prove he was right. He desperately wanted the Galatians to remember and understand why Jesus had to die and how it affects us.

The Jews had been living under the Law since the days of Moses. This law was a set of commands and expectations for all of God’s people. This law would distinguish and set apart Israel from all other nations as a people that belonged to God. Unfortunately, Israel couldn’t keep the Law. In fact, no one could – we are all sinners.

As part of God’s plan, He sent His Son Jesus, who lived and followed the Law to die for us and our sins. As you know, on the third day, He was resurrected, fulfilling the Law.

This false teacher, however, had complete disregard and disrespect for God’s grace, Christ’s sacrifice, and the Holy Spirit’s work. That is why Paul was so hopping mad.

The Book of Galatians reminds the people of their new relationship with God. It is about law, faith, freedom, and the Holy Spirit. We’re freed from sin. We’re freed from the Law. We’re adopted as children of God. We’re counted as spiritual children of Abraham, whether we’re Jews or non-Jews. And we’re all empowered by the Holy Spirit to do good works, something sin prevented us from doing and the Law never enabled us to do.

Christ’s death is important, and Paul won’t let anyone forget it.

Uncovering Galatians: Law, Faith, Freedom and the Holy Spirit


Why Do a Bible Study With Just the Bible? Why Not Just Buy a Book?

Many Christians struggle to read the Bible. Either they don’t or can’t make time or they don’t understand what they read or the context for it.

I find that sad because there is so much richness and goodness in the Bible. There’s so much nourishment for your mind, body and spirit..

If you attend church on Sunday you’ll get some takeaways – some small snippets. Sometimes a message will connect deeply with you. Other times, it may miss the mark.

If you’re like many other Christians, you have no idea what to do with the Bible other than to look up key verses that are meaningful to you.

Why Immerse Yourself in Scripture?

Immersing yourself in Scripture is different from reading fragments in a devotional.

Devotionals are wonderful. They give inspiration and offer enthusiasm about certain verses.

Immersing yourself, however, means wrapping yourself up in the chapter or verse and experiencing it in such a way that it becomes a part of you. And, because it becomes a part of you, it changes you.

I read Bible studies and spend time in The Word, but I yearn to dig deeper. To truly immerse myself in His Word.

Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.. – 1 Timothy 4:15

Galatians Bible Study

When my kids were young and we homeschooled, I studied learning modalities to help them understand what we were studying. We all learn differently. My one son could absorb information just by reading. My other son needed something more tactile to allow the material to sink in.

Digging into the Bible is much the same way for adults. When you combine ways to learn and study, you get more from what you are learning. I kept those principles in mind when I created Kneel Before the Throne. 

In this six week course, we will excavate Galatians. We will dig in deep and study this book with the appetite of a voracious learner.

While there are PDFs and worksheets to help us on our journey, we will be using mainly the Holy Bible to do all of our studies for this course. There’s no better way to read and understand scripture than by actually reading the Bible.

Galatians Bible study

We’ll wrap ourselves in the four main themes of Galatians  (1) Law (2) Faith (3) Freedom 4) The Holy Spirit

In this in-depth Galatians Bible study, each week, we’ll cover a chapter and examine it, thoroughly.

We’ll explore the major themes, places and figures through:

  • Bible Reading Focus
  • Weekly devotion/short Bible study
  • Printable Verse Cards 
  • Worksheets and other printables
  • Character studies
  • Maps
  • Verse mapping
  • Questions to dig deeper/Practical Application
  • Inductive studies
  • Fill-in-the-blank scripture to help us remember what we read
  • Music playlist
  • A fun activity, puzzle or coloring sheet based on the chapter that week
  • and much more

While you will receive all of the above material each week, you can pick and choose what you do or do some now and save some for later in future study.

The material will be split into Foundations, Exploration and Excavation – start with the most important and add layers or activities to submerse yourself into the chapter and setting based on the time you have.

In Foundations, we begin with prayer and reading the chapter for the week. We’ll focus on three key verses for the week and have a short devotional based on the week’s chapter or theme.

In Exploration, we’ll dig a bit deeper as we work our way through questions designed to help us understand this week’s reading and apply it to our lives. We’ll also work to memorize several verses including in the week’s chapter.

Uncovering Galatians: Law, Faith, Freedom and the Holy Spirit


In Excavation, we will deeply examine the text by verse mapping several verses in the week’s chapter and highlight and mark key terms, people and places in the text. Some week’s Excavation will also include a deeper character study on the important figures we “met” that week.

Bonus materials are included each week and will vary but may include playlists featuring songs about the theme(s) of the week, puzzles and other printables.

This course is more than verse mapping and Bible study. It is a map to guide you through His Word and connect the Word of God to your life today.

Won’t you join me today as we immerse ourselves in the book of Galatians Bible study with a deep understanding of Who God is and what He desires for us?


Uncovering Galatians: Law, Faith, Freedom and the Holy Spirit

Important note:  As this is a digital course, no refunds will be issued after 24 hours of purchase.

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