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Warrior Women: Create a Custom War Binder for a Powerful Prayer Life

What if I told you that you…


When I created my first war binder I really had no idea what I was doing. I did a few Google searches for war binder inserts and then decorated some sections and that was it.

If you aren’t familiar with the term “war binder”, a war binder, also known as a faith journal, or prayer journal is essentially a binder or notebook with multiple sections that you use to document your walk with God.



The term ‘war binder” may have come from the movie “The War Room”, where Ms. Clara guides a struggling wife in creating her own “war room” as a place to pray, reflect on scripture and give thanks. A war binder is like having an entire war room in one convenient place. This is especially great if you don’t have a room in your house to dedicate as a war room or, you prefer something that you can take with you.


As I began to actually use my war binder, I realized that I needed sections that worked for me and that my war binder wouldn’t look like everyone else’s.


I wanted the pages in each section to look a bit different, but consistent.


I also wanted to have certain prayers in the binder for easy reference and reflection.


I thought it would be great to have a calendar in it, too, to mark off days that I had my quiet time and read my Bible.


As I talked to others, they wanted these things as well, but didn’t necessarily want to create them or have to scour the internet and purchase a war binder printable page here and a page there to create the war binder they desired.


war binder course



War Binder Printables

Although your war binder will be as unique as you, you might choose to have some or all of the following sections in it:

Sermon notes


prayer requests

answered prayers


scripture writing



So…Warrior Women was born!

Warrior Women: Creating a Custom War Binder for a Powerful Prayer Life includes:

  • Over 50 printables to customize the perfect war binder for you
  • Three styles of calendars to match your style and preference
  • 11 videos guiding you through everything from what a war binder is to creating tabs and dividers (even using a Traveler’s Notebook or a Faith Happy Planner as a war binder!)
  • Walk through of several different styles of war binders to find what suits you best
  • Bonus videos to be added with advanced techniques and creative methods


War Binders types - war binder course


Printables include:

Divider tabs (FOUR different styles!)

Sermon Notes

The Lord’s Prayer

Worship song lyrics

Bible verses





and many, many more!

(over 150 printables for you to choose from to create your personal, customized war binder in any style you wish  – and more added each month).


warrior women course


**This is a digital resource that can be downloaded and accessed immediately after purchase.** 



  • How long will you be offering this package? Do I have to buy now?

Well, the answer is, I’m not sure. When I created this printable pack and videos, I never intended for it to be as comprehensive as it is, but there’s still more I’d like to add! I’m waiting for the Lord to lead me on this and I can’t anticipate where He’ll take me.


  • I have no idea what kind of war binder I want, is this right for me?

Absolutely! In Warrior Women, I show you how I created a three-ring binder, but also share about using a Traveler’s Notebook and a Faith Happy Planner as a War Binder. You can watch the videos and then decide which is right for you.


  • I’ve seen how much war binder printables, alone can cost; why are you offering Warrior Women at such a low price?


I know how much I have grown in my faith since incorporating a war binder into my faith practice, and I want everyone to have the same experience. By keeping the price low, more women will have the opportunity to grow in fellowship with Our Heavenly Father as I have.


  • I don’t have a printer. Can you send the printables to me?

Unfortunately, if I did that, I would have to charge you three times as much to cover the cost of printer ink and shipping, so I won’t be able to print and ship. You can email the files to a local printing company, and they can print the files for you or, ask a friend or family member to print for you. 


  • If I decide that a war binder isn’t for me or change my mind, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately, I’m not able to offer refunds as this is a digital purchase, and you will have immediate access to download the material. I do hope you understand.


  • I saw that future videos and printables will be added. Can you tell me more?

Absolutely! I’ll be adding bonus videos and printables to help you further customize your War Binder. Printables may include different styles of already included printables or entirely new inserts with prayers, Bible study worksheets, or other fun additions. Videos may include advanced divider techniques and mixed media or other decorative techniques to make your war binder one of a kind. I don’t have a schedule for these but expect to receive an email that a new bonus was added to your dashboard when the bonuses are added.


  • I already have a war binder – why would I want this package?

If you do have a war binder, I’m excited for you and pray that you are blessed by it! If you have one, you will still love Warrior Women as you will have new, fun, and useful inserts for your binder, plus videos showing you my different binders and how to create binder elements – they may be different from what you have. I’m always looking for new inserts and ways to jazz up my binder, and you probably are, too! (New printables are added every month!)


Did I miss something? If you have a question about war binders or the Warrior Women package, email me at sue@womanofnoblecharacter, and I’ll answer personally.

Warrior Women: Creating a Custom War Binder for a Powerful Prayer Life

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