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Benefits of The Spiral Bible: The Bible for Notetakers

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Christians, rejoice! The Spiral Bible™ is now available! Let God’s word accompany you everywhere through this easy-to-carry spiral-bound notebook. The 8.5 x 11 pages with double-wide margins and large print make for comfortable reading, a comfortable study, and in-depth note-taking; plus, you can even add your own personal touch by coloring or drawing in the generous space of the margins! And, you never have to worry about the spiral binding breaking, causing the emotional pain of buying a new Bible, because they guarantee it—or your money back. Let the Spiral Bible™ empower your faith journey today!

Available in the King James Version and American Standard Versions, plus a Kids version, you can choose from the entire New Testament, History, the book of Genesis through Deuteronomy, Joshua to Esther, Job to Song of Solomon, Isaiah to Malachi, all in individual volumes, and there is even a Men’s version! You can eventually go through the process of Bible journaling through the entire Bible, New Testament, and Old Testament with this spiral-bound Bible set! 

image of cover of Spiral Bible with the text Spiral Bible review, features benefits and using it for creative Bible journaling or notetaking

Benefits of the Spiral Bible

Whether you want to read through the New Testament or refresh your Bible history knowledge with an in-depth study of the historical books of the Old Testament, there are so many benefits to having the Spiral Bible, like a spiral-bound bible notebook, to chase your bible journaling dreams. This article would be longer than the entire New Testament if we went through all of them, so here are just a few.

Organized Note Taking

Most of us go into our study sessions with our Bible, whether that be on our phone or on paper like the traditional Bibles and a separate spiral notebook. While there is nothing wrong with that, the Spiral Bible is both in one! You can have your Bible study notes, highlights, doodles, etc., right next to the scripture itself. Plus, it’s one less thing to worry about forgetting when you’re in a rush on Sunday morning because you slept in just a little bit too much (we’ve all been there). You’ll never miss out on sermon notetaking with the Spiral Bible! 

Easy-to-Read Layout 

This spiral-bound Bible notebook is laid out with ample space for in-depth note-taking, which means that the words are not tiny and squished together. Instead, the print is made for annotating, highlighting, and scribbling your thoughts and is, therefore,, an easy-to-read layout. It’s even available in large print for easy reading for those who still struggle.

Better Understanding of God’s Word

It is no myth that you understand what you are reading better when you take notes. This does not just apply to the books your teacher made you read in school, but it applies to the word of God as well. As the Holy Spirit is revealing the truths and mysteries of God’s word to you, writing your thoughts down in the generous space offered by the double-wide margins of the Spiral Bible will help lead you to a more in-depth study and a deeper interaction with the word of God. 

I was offered the opportunity to review this unique Bible. I chose the KJV New Testament. Here are some photos of my new Spiral Bible. (see further down for a quick Bible journaling page that I created using this amazing, flat-laying Bible with room or hand or creative Bible journaling!

Highlights of the Spiral Bible

Explore God’s Word like never before with this flexible spiral-bound Bible! Its easy-to-open design is perfect for Christian women who want to read, study, and understand God’s Word conveniently. With its flat-lying layout and comprehensive markers, this Bible is the ideal tool for gaining unique and meaningful insights.

Spiral binding provides a host of benefits for Christian women, from convenience to comfort. Unlike the glued bindings of traditional Bibles, the spiral binding has no spine tension nor a “gutter,” allowing them to open flat and fold completely back on themselves. So whether you’re studying the Bible at your desk or curling up on the couch for a comfortable study, the freedom of a spiral binding allows you to do it all with ease.

The Spiral Bible also features thick paper so you can use your favorite pens without it bleeding through the pages (which have page numbers by the way).

Kid’s Spiral Bible

Bring the stories of the Bible to life for your children with these durable notebooks! Featuring a simple translation that is easily understood by your little ones (not the King James Version), these spiral-bound Bible notebooks are a great way to encourage creativity as they read, write, color, and draw with plenty of room in the ample space offered by the Spiral Bible. An engaging way to guide your children as they explore stories of faith, these notebooks create an environment where their imaginations can take flight.

Help your children explore their creativity and experience a deeper interaction with God’s word through fun and inspiring activities. From vibrant illustrations to large print and fonts, your kids will be excited to read, write, and reflect on the word of God. With engaging activities, they can explore their faith in a stimulating and creative way.


Christian women, get your Bible-inspired gear with free shipping on all US orders! They don’t ship outside of the United States, but they’ll process and ship your new Bible or spiral-bound Bible set within 2-3 business days. What great customer service! Your package will be delivered via USPS unless you specify a different delivery company so that delivery times will reflect that of USPS in your area. Have questions? Email them at [email protected] – they’d love to help you out.

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Need Prayer?

Are you in need of prayer today? Join their Christian Women’s Facebook Prayer Group for round-the-clock support! Simply text ‘PRAYER’ to 833-579-1833 to be added to their community of believers for heartfelt intercession. No journey of faith is ever taken alone – come be part of a powerful source of encouragement!

My Spiral Bible Quick Bible Journaling Page

Using just the contents of a Creative Retreat Kit (minus the stamps!) I created this quick Bible journaling page.

I love the Creative Retreat Kits as they include stickers, alphabet stickers, a devotional, washi tape, and a set of stamps each month – all with a different Bible focus. Great value, and they make it so easy to create a Bible journaling page. A perfect combo with the Spiral Bible!

Bible journaling page for the post on spiral Bible

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To wrap up, the Spiral Bible is an innovative and much-needed format for the bible that keeps scripture and bible study notes organized in one convenient place, aka the perfect new Bible for you! This unique layout makes it a great resource for churches and families looking for a great way to meet their bible journaling needs. It also caters to readers of all levels, from those just starting out in their faith to experienced theologians.

Now, with the ease of this spiral-bound Bible notebook, you can find the substance of scripture and the peace of knowing you can save the study you have done along the way. As the word of God puts it, “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” (Psalm 119:105). The Spiral Bibles are great Bibles to help you light up your journey of faith and keep you on track every step of the way.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.