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Techniques For Bible Journaling For Free or Inexepensively

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One of the biggest concerns that I hear from readers about Bible journaling is that all of the supplies can be so expensive, but I’m here to tell you that you have many Bible journaling supplies in your home, already!

In this post, we’ll share tons of great ideas for Bible journaling for free or inexpensively with just a few supplies you probably already have in your home. In the process, you’ll learn some Bible journaling techniques that may be new to you.

(Looking for Bible journaling tips for beginners? See this post)

For this section on Bible journaling with household objects, we will explore using Q-tips!

For the main Bible journaling techniques using Q-tips, you’ll need just a handful of Q-tips and some paint. For most of these, I used the cheap acrylic paint from Wal-mart (either American Crafts or Apple Barrel) as well as clear gesso and some paint brushes.

As I’ve shared in previous posts about Bible journaling, if you are using a wet medium (such as acrylic paint or a paint marker, for example), you’ll want to coat your Bible pages with clear gesso first. It protects the page from tearing and bleed through.

While you can use a paint palette (here are some great really cheap ones that I use), often, I just use a paper plate.

In this section, I’ll be sharing three projects that I created using mainly Q-tips and paint!

Techniques for Bible journaling with household objects


Bible Journaling Inexpensively with Household Objects – 4 Fun and Easy Projects

Painting with Q-Tips Project 1 – War Binder Cover

The first is the cover of my newest War Binder. I included this project as I often add an art or Bible journaling page to my War Binder and loved this technique.

I did not gesso the cover of this binder as it was already quite sturdy. (I used the Stampin’ Up! Kraft 6 x 8 binder).

I started by drawing simple stems with an alcohol-based marker (you can use any marker – especially if you prep your page by using clear gesso).

Next, I grabbed a small handful of Q-tips and wrapped a rubber band around them to hold them in place.

q-tips in a bunch to paint with Bible journaling with household objects q-tips

I then, poured a small amount of white acrylic paint and pearlized paint on a paper plate.

Next, I dabbed the Q-tip bunch into both paints,  tapped it on scrap paper (to get the excess paint off) and then “stamped” using the Q-tips in a circular pattern to create the dandelions.

Bible journaling with household objects q-tips. Stamping with Q-tips

Finally, I added the title with hand lettering. That’s it! Super easy. Here’s my finished cover.

War binder cover painting with Q-tips


Painting with Q-Tips Project 2 – Yellow Wildflowers

This is another super easy Bible journaling technique with Q-tips. Here, we will create simple wildflowers.

Just like the last project, I started by drawing simple stems for the flowers.

Bible journaling with household objects wildflower stems

Next, I added some vibrant yellow paint to my “palette” and used just one Q-tip to randomly “stamp” the blossoms onto the flowers.

Bible journaling with household objects paint and Q-tip

After adding the lettering, it was finished! (Don’t mind the pencil marks in the lettering, which I forgot to erase before I took the photo)

Bible journaling with household objects yellow wildflowers painted with Q-tips

Painting with Q-Tips Project 3 – Purple Lilacs

This was a fun one to create! I used the same technique as I did in project 1 (the bunch of Q-tips to stamp).

For this project, I selected four different shades of purple paint and placed a bit of each on my palette.

purple paint on palette for Bible journaling with household objects Q-tips

Then, as before, I took a handful of Q-tips and wrapped them together with a rubberband.

q-tip painting lilacs for Bible journaling with household objects

For the lilacs, I added the stems and leaves after I painted the lilacs with the Q-tips.

Dabbing the Q-tip bunch in each of the paint colors (I rotated the Q-tip bunch as I went so as not to get all of the shades mixed), I stamped with the Q-tips. I made the bottom wide and went more narrow as I went up.

(The red in the photo is my washi tape edging at the beginning of each chapter in my Bible journaling Bible)

painting lilacs with q-tips Bible journaling with household items

Once the lilacs were painted, a drew the leaves and stems with an alcohol-based marker.

painting lilacs with q-tips Bible journaling with household items

I added some detail to the leaves and the title and completed the page.

Bible journaling Hosea painting lilacs


Painting with Q-Tips Project 4 – Wheat

For the last project in the series of Bible journaling with household items: painting with Q-tips, I use the q-tip to paint with – just like a brush.

painting wheat with q-tips Bible journaling with household objects
painting wheat with q-tips Bible journaling with household objects

This page isn’t finished yet. I’ve added some small details with a white pen to the leaves but have more to do (not sure what that is, yet, though!) and add the verse with hand lettering. Here’s what I have, so far.

painting wheat with q-tips Bible journaling with household objects

See? You don’t need loads of expensive supplies to create beautiful pages in your Bible. You can do Bible journaling with household objects and love the results! Remember, the most important thing about Bible journaling is doing it as an act of worship. Not worthy to hang in a museum? That’s fine. God knows your heart, sweet friend!

For the section on Bible journaling for free or inexpensively with household objects, we’ll tackle tea, forks and napkins!

Bible journaling with household objects. That just sounds fun, doesn’t it? In our first section in this series, we played with Q-tips and paint.

Now, we are moving to the kitchen! Yep! I am sharing a few simple and easy Bible journaling techniques using tea, forks and napkins! Yes! We will be painting with tea!

Let’s get started, shall we?

Bible Journaling with Household Objects: Project 1 – Tea

So what’s this about tea and Bible journaling? 

Tea is fantastic for making your pages and projects look aged. For painting with tea, all you need is:

  • a cup
  • a teabag
  • water
  • paintbrush

(Don’t forget – for all of these techniques, you’ll want to prep your pages in clear gesso first!)

Once your page is prepped and dry, take a cup and add a teabag with about 1/4″-1/2″ of water and microwave for about 30 seconds.

teabag in cup with small amount of water for painting with tea

Then “paint” your page with the tea.

painting with tea Bible journaling with household objects
painting with tea

Next, you’ll want to use a paper towel to dab on the page. The dabbing will do two things: 1) “sop” up the excess liquid and 2) leave interesting marks or patterns in the tea stain.

Here, I used a heat gun to dry the page completely, but you can let air dry, as well.

I, then, used a pencil to draw a scroll around the double page then went over the pencil drawing with a thin black marker. My favorite it the Fude Ball pen – I looove this pen and included it in my post on the best pens and markers for Bible journaling.

painting with tea scroll handdrawn


Finally, I added some text from the verses on this page.

painting with tea scroll handdrawn with verse


I may add a few more details, but here is the mostly finished page spread.

tea stained Bible journaling page


In hindsight, I probably should have just painted inside the scroll with tea, but hey, it’s about worship not gallery worthy art, right?

Bible Journaling with Household Objects: Project 2 – Napkins

This technique is fun and easy and will turn out different each time. All you need are:

  • Decorative napkins
  • Decoupage
  • Paint brush

I buy my decorative napkins from the dollar store or party store, but Amazon has some gorgeous ones, too. Take a look at these!

Techniques For Bible Journaling For Free or Inexepensively 1
Techniques For Bible Journaling For Free or Inexepensively 2

There are so many to choose from. For this page, I chose a napkin that had large, bright and cheery flowers.

napkin decoupage Bible journaling

Next, I cut out the flowers that I wanted to use (Tip: Keep the napkin intact when you cut – you’ll separate the plys or layers later, but it’s much easier to cut with all the layers intact).

Then, paint a layer of decoupage where you plan to place the flowers. It helps to cut the flowers then lay them out on the dry pages, first. Once you are happy with your placement, then add the decoupage. (As you can see in the pic, my brush was coming loose and left behind bristles. I removed those and then promptly purchased brushes that I’ve had my eye on!)

decoupage with napkins Bible journaling

(Whenever I do any Bible journaling, particularly any with wet media, I slide scrap paper behind the page I’m working on to prevent any bleed through or pages sticking together.)

At this point, you can separate the plys or layers of the napkin and lay the cut outs in place on your page spread.

Bible journaling with household objects napkin decoupage

Smooth the napkin cut out with your fingers to remove any wrinkles. Then add another coat of decoupage over all.

napkin decoupage

Let the page completely dry before adding the finishing touches. I used a heat tool to speed the process (I can be a bit impatient 🙂 )

Once my page spread was dry, I used the Fude Ball Pen to draw around the edges of the flowers to make them stand out.

napkin decoupage edged with black marker


Finally, I added some text by pulling out some of the page’s scripture that called to me and highlighted the verse with marker. This page is not done, but it’s off to a good start with the napkin decoupage.

Bible journaling with household objects napkin decoupage flowers

Bible Journaling with Household Objects: Project 3 – Forks

For our final project today, we are digging into the utensil drawer. Yup! We are using forks! You can use metal silverware or plastic. I used both on this page, but you’ll want to test the fork pattern before you go right to your Bible. Some fork tines are not even with the others which will give you an uneven print. Test on scrap paper, first.

Depending on how you use the fork, you can get a ton of cool patterns using just paint. I’m sharing just a few on this page, but have fun experimenting and trying new ways to hold the fork to get different patterns.

Of course, like all other pages using wet media, you’ll want to prep your pages with clear gesso first.

For this project, I used two forks (one plastic and one metal) and blue, red and silver acrylic paint on my paper plate palette.

fork stamping Bible journaling with household objects

I started by dabbing my plastic fork in the blue paint and stamped off excess paint, then stamped on my Bible pages holding the fork sideways. I stamped the same pattern (as well as color and direction) leaving space in between the patterns for my next fork stamp.

(Note the scrap paper underneath the page to prevent a mess or pages sticking together).

fork stamping Bible journaling with household objects

Next, I used the metal fork to do the same thing with silver paint stamping up and down rather than sideways. I stamped the silver in between the blue fork stamping patterns.

fork stamping

From there, I dipped the fork edges in the paint and stamped some random dots on the opposite page in both the blue and the silver.

fork stamping dots 1
fork stamping dots 2

I still had some paint left and a bit of white space so I decided to use the fork tine ends and try some squiggles.

fork stamping squiggles
fork stamping with details

To finish the page spread, I added some scripture text and use both black (Fude ball) and white gel pen to add some details.

Is it the best looking page I’ve ever done? No way. But, I had so much fun trying new things with a fork and paint and reading scripture that I haven’t read much before and isn’t that what Bible journaling is all about?

See? Bible journaling with household objects can be fun! In the next post of this series, we’ll play with bottles, bubble wrap and more!

If you are looking for a wonderful, warm place to grow in faith and your know

In this final section in this post on Bible journaling for free or less expensive, we’re going to play a bit with bottles and bubblewrap and toothbrushes! 

Bible journaling doesn’t have to require purchasing lots of expensive supplies. All you need is some inexpensive paint and your imagination. I love to create my Bible journaling with household items.

Bible journaling with household items bottles, bubblewrap and toothbrushes


Bible Journaling with Household Items: Bottles, Jars and Toothbrushes

Today, you’ll need just a few supplies:

  • Acrylic paint
  • Several sized bottles or jars
  • A palette or a paper plate (I’m so fancy lol)
  • Bubblewrap
  • Toothbrush (preferably one you no longer need :D) *I buy mine at the dollar store to keep on hand for art projects.

For our first sample Bible journaling page, I’ve gathered several different sized bottles and jars and with my chosen colors of acrylic paint, I’ve added some paint to my “palette”.

Bible journaling techniques circles prep 1

Next, “stamp” with the jars or bottles. I find it easier to start with the large jars as they create larger circles and are easier to plan your design with.

Roll the bottle or jar edges in your paint and “stamp” with the jar on your already prepped Bible journaling page. (for more on prepping your page, see this post on Bible journaling tips)

Repeat the process with the same jar/bottle until you are happy with it.

DESIGN TIP:  Even numbers create symmetry, but odd numbers create interest. An odd number of elements is more effective at capturing your attention, visually. Odd numbers force your eyes to move around the page. That forced movement is at the core of visual interest

Continue with different sized jars and bottles and paint colors.

stamping circles with bottles for Bible journaling

Next, grab your toothbrush and drag it in a small “pool” of paint in your chosen color.

Then, stick your finger out over your Bible journaling page and tap the toothbrush on your finger to create splatters.

Here’s what the splatters look like close up:

toothbrush paint splatter technique close up

Fun, huh?

One of my most favorite things to do after doing the basics of my Bible journaling page is to add the “fussy details”. For example, on this spread, I used both my favorite black gel pens and white pens to mimic movement in my circles and add some additional texture.

close up of black and white pen details in Bible journaling spread

Adding different sized circles, creating large and medium patterns, coupled with the splatters, which created tiny patterns, gives the design a finished and visually interesting look.

Here’s the “final” page. I say final with quotations because I’m not thrilled about how the box highlighting the feature verse came out and still have to fix it. I used gold marker but it turned out “muddy” and looks brown, which won’t do, at all (I can be persnickety when it comes to my pages. Although, they are worship, they are personal and sometimes I just want thing a certain way).

For this Bible journaling page, I featured Psalm 139:13-14. 

Bible journaling with bottles, jars and toothbrushes


Bible Journaling with Household Items:  Stamping with Bubblewrap

The last technique I wanted to share with you is stamping with bubblewrap. I mean, who doesn’t love popping bubblewrap, but how often do you stamp with it?

I loooove stamping with bubblewrap. It is soooo easy and allows you to create tons of great-looking backgrounds and patterns.

Simply brush some acrylic paint on your bubblewrap and press on your prepped page.

In this example, I used a variety of colors before stamping.

Once I stamped with the bubblewrap, I added some fussy details such as tiny crosses, dots, circles and, of course, I hand wrote the verse I wanted to feature (Psalm 103).

stamping with bubblewrap for Bible journaling

Each time you receive a box with packaging, look for bubblewrap. There are several different sizes and each give a unique look when used for stamping.

What other Bible journaling techniques using household items can you think of?

Share your ideas in the comments. I’d love to hear them!

For Bible Journaling Tips for Beginners, see this post.

Have you tried Bible journaling with a household object? What did you use? I’d love to see your pages!

Are you going to try painting with q-tips? Which of the above pages is your favorite? Comment below or shoot me an email at: [email protected]

Because of Him,


Fun & easy bible journaling projects using q-tips


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