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Dozens of Inspiring Christian YouTube Channels

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Christian Youtube Channels are growing in popularity and I’ve got a great list for you to check out!

People turn to YouTube for everything from how to fix a leaky faucet to listening to music. I, however, love that I can get an instant dose of faith and encouragement by listening to any of the Christian YouTube Channels below. Whether I just want to find someone who can relate to what I’m facing or want to learn more about a verse or a book of the Bible, I can find it on YouTube.

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Recently, I shared a list of magazines for the Christian women. I love reading magazines when I can just sit and relax (not that it happens often!), but sometimes you need a boost of encouragement, but can’t focus on reading. That’s where YouTube is a great choice! You can click on video and listen while folding laundry, cooking dinner or any of the million other things we do, as women. 

I’ve also shared my list of best Christian women Instagrammers to follow. You can check that out here.

Below is a list of tons of Christian YouTube Channels that you will want on your “playlist.” All of the YouTubers are Christian. Many are women. Each of them brings a different style and personality and chats about different topics. You’ll find some “seasoned” women, some college-aged – all who love Jesus and share with other Christian women. These Christian YouTube Channels are sure to make you laugh, cry and think. 

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While I’ve listened to at least one (and in some cases, many more) videos from each of these Christian YouTubers, I cannot vouch for all of the videos. Take a look and listen and let me know your thoughts.

Christian YouTube Channels You’ll Want to Check Out

Dozens of Inspiring Christian YouTube Channels You'll Want to Check Out

What a great list, right? Who have I missed? Who would you add to the this list of Christian YouTube Channels?

Are you a podcast listener? You’re sure to find a new great podcast to listen to on this Ultimate List of Podcasts for Christian Women!

Wholesome, Christian entertainment is tough to find. See this post on the Christian equivalent of Netflix.

Because of Him,


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Dozens of Inspiring Christian YouTube Channels 38

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Monday 23rd of December 2019

Hi love your list of youtube channels. I was wondering if you know of any older "mature" women on youtube of anywhere. I'm 63, single, mature woman, no family, just me... I love reading all christian things but would really enjoy something geared toward mature, single women. I've looked but had no luck. Just wondering if you had run across any sites. Thanks...Denise

Susan Nelson

Tuesday 24th of December 2019

Hi, Denise - I'm not aware of any, but if I do come across any, I'll be sure to let you know. Thanks for stopping by. God bless!


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Milena ciciotti she's a great woman ?


Thursday 7th of March 2019

I'll definitely check her out! Thank you and thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Do you know any christian career/busines women who have a youtube channel?


Wednesday 6th of March 2019

Hi, Sidney! Here's a few:, I hope that helps!


Saturday 16th of February 2019

Milena ciciotti she's a awesome , inspiring and great person!


Saturday 16th of February 2019

I'll definitely check her out. Thanks so much!


Monday 14th of May 2018

Amazing list! I love love love listening to Heather Lindsey and her husband. All of her videos are grounded in faith, it's so amazing to see God working through YouTube. Alyssa from Wonderful Acts is amazing as well. I would add myself but my channel is more for Christian couples :)

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